Our Hunts - Trophy Whitetail Buck Hunt
The Nail Ranch has an excellent, healthy population of Whitetail deer. We maintain a strict quality management program to keep our doe to buck ratio at 2 to 1 and a carrying capacity of a deer to 20 acres to ensure our hunters will have numerous opportunities to harvest quality bucks year after year. Using data we have gathered over the past 21 years we have averaged 142 B&C points on harvested bucks, with a 189 Boone and Crocket buck being our best to date. We commonly harvest bucks in the 140 to 160 range year after year. That's something not many can lay claim to.

All buck hunts are fully guided (one guide per two hunters). Included in your deer hunt package are three full days of hunting, one mature buck of your choice, guide service, local transportation, airport pickup and return to Abilene or Albany airports, great meals and lodging in our comfortable facility.

Our staff will field dress your game, and cape the head down to the ears in preparation for the taxidermist. We have a taxidermist we exclusively use for our customers that will pickup your trophy, mount it according to your instructions, and then ship it directly to you upon completion. If you wish to have your taxidermist do your work you will need to bring along a duffel bag or ice chest to get your trophy home with you. The Nail will no longer package and ship trophies or meat to anyone. We welcome you to leave the meat with us as we distribute it to needy families in the area, or we can quarter the animal to fit your cooler so you can get the meat back to your home in good condition.

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